Join Betsy's Flock

List your guest coop with us and provide holiday hen boarding
when other chicken owners go on holiday!

Coming soon to
a town near you!


Betsy is currently gathering her flock.
We’re now accepting applications for Hotel
Managers in Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset.


How to find a hotel with Betsy

Starting in the South West of England we are building a network of Hotels where you can leave your chickens when you go on holiday. All of our Hotel Managers are carefully vetted so they can provide the highest levels of hospitality while you’re away.

Our services

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    Chicken boarding

    Bring your chickens to your local hotel where they will be cared for in their own private suite. Freshly made beds and all-you-can-eat outdoor buffet as standard.

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    Chicken visits

    Book a visiting hotel manager to come to your home to care for your chickens twice a day. They’ll wake your birds in the morning and put them to bed in the evening.

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    Chicken egg-stras

    Check what services your local hotel managers offer. Perhaps a chauffeur service to cluck-and-collect your ladies? Maybe a chick-out coop clean by your visiting manager?

More about us...

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    Dedicated coops & runs

    Every hotel will have a dedicated coop and run. Chickens households will be kept separate to avoid fowl ups.

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    Cluck & collect

    Many of our managers will collect and return your chickens for a small fee.

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    Pest-proof security

    Every chicken hotel is subject to perimeter testing to fend off rats, badgers and cunning old Mr. Fox.

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    Thorough vetting

    Our managers are trained to give your chickens a health check before admission. Mite powder is applied as standard.

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    Fresh grass

    All hotel managers have enough space to move their runs so that guests always enjoy fresh peckings.

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    Do you treat your ladies to a bedtime snack? Many of our managers go above and beyond to pamper your hens.

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    Chick-in & chick-out

    Going on holiday shouldn’t be a headache. Our team will strive to accommodate your needs, no matter how quirky.

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    Egg sitting

    Our managers are trained on egg-welfare so that you can return home to a fresh batch!

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    In case of emergency

    Sadly avian flu is real. In case of an outbreak, our managers are fully trained in how to deliver a chicken-style lock down.