Betsy's guide for transporting your pet chickens to a chicken hotel

Moving your pet chickens from your home to a hotel can be a slightly daunting process if you have never done it before. But it doesn't have to be! Here are Betsy's chicken moving tips to keep your chickens as happy as possible.

The best time to move your pet chickens

If possible try to make the journey before you let them out in the morning or once they've gone to roost at night. If this isn't possible, try herding them into their coop, closing the door and leave them to settle for at least 30 minutes.

Remember they now have no access to water so ideally you would catch them and box them just before you plan to transport them. Once boxed leave them in the shade if they are not immediately leaving.

The best box for chicken transit

There's plenty of choice, but here are a few ideas:

  • Re-used cardboard box
  • Carboard pet carrier
  • Hard plastic pet carrier
  • Soft-sided pet carrier or
  • Metal cage.

Whatever box you use it should have plenty of ventilation and some newspaper on the floor. The paper helps to soak up any wet poop and will also make it easier to clean. Perhaps most importantly, it will stop your hens from slipping around if the box is plastic (as this can cause injury).

Catching and boxing your chickens

If your hens are used to being handled then when you put your hand near they should crouch down in a submissive pose. If this doesn't happen then you will need to try to catch them gently, preferably using both hands. Once you have caught one, just take a little time to hold her gently while she calms down. Put both hands around her to hold her wings down. Sometimes turning her upside down can calm her even more (and she may even go to sleep!). Place her gently in your pet carrier, close it up, and then collect the next hen.

Driving with your chickens

Once your chickens have been boxed up and put in your car, take care on corners and when slowing/accelerating. You don't want to cause any more stress to the birds or risk the box tipping. Travel time should be kept under an hour if possible.

Arriving at a Chicken Hotel

On arriving at your chicken hotel, leave your birds in your car while you meet your Hotel Manager. Then you can pass over your ladies. I would recommend leaving your pet carrier with your chicken hotel as they will be able to have them boxed and ready for you upon your arranged collection time.


When you drop off your pet chickens make sure that you arrange a time to collect your ladies. This way your Hotel Manager will have things ready for you when you arrive and your ladies won't be boxed for longer than is necessary.

When you get home, let your hens out as soon as you can as they will probably be thirsty and hungry (aren't they always?). Their egg-laying pattern may be disrupted for a few days, but this is normal given their change of scenery.

Do you need holiday boarding for your hens?

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David10th September, 2021