With the lifting of the U.K. flockdown, we are happy to reopen bookings!

Hi, I'm Florence

Hi! I'm Florence and I'm a total chicken fan. I am 14 and while I do most of the everyday work looking after my chickens, my mum buys all the food for me. I've been chicken keeping for nearly 5 years now and my passion is ongoing. Here in Corston, near Bath, we have 8 chickens of our own and can host up to 4 large chickens or 6 bantams. We have a maxi hen loft from Solway Recycling which is plastic so it's easy to clean and keep clear of mites. Also we have an enclosed run for your chickens to enjoy in the day. All birds will have layers pellets in the morning and evening with the option of some treat food if you wish. If your flock has any special dietary requirements please inform us.

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